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Do you want to start saving up by controlling your daily expenses? It is possible, choose Inspire Finance. A modern, clear and intuitive interface has been designed to add transactions as fast as possible. With Inspire Finance not only can you save the daily expenses for groceries or clothes but also you can plan a renovation of a house, going on holiday or important events.

Do you want to control your rent, electricity and water bills? With Inspire Finance you have the chance to create the schedule of transactions. You just need to add your transaction once and enter the payment schedule. Each element can be freely edited by changing dates, values or a method of payment. Plan your regular expenses for the whole year. It will only take a few minutes. At any moment, you will be able to have a quick look at your future expenses, in order to better plan your household budget.

Are you tired of adding up your expenses in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper? Inspire Finance will do it for you. A specially prepared statistics panel will provide you with all the most important information, so as to fully control the budget. You should not either be afraid of losing the entered transactions. Thanks to the use of iCloud, your records are always available on hand.

Most important functions Inspire Finance

Inspire Finance is a simple and comfortable tool for managing finances. Start ordering your personal budget and learn more about your needs


Simple and intuitive operation

The program has been developed to provide intuitive and fast transaction adding. It was all designed to control one’s budget in an easy and pleasant manner.


Motivation to economize

A regular transaction adding itself motivates to reduce unnecessary costs. You can increase effectiveness by determining the cost limit in each wallet. The limit can be assigned to wallets and months.


Calendar and events

Now you can check your expenses on a day-to-day basis as well as the month during which your expense limit was exceeded. Thanks to the 'Events' view you can see which transactions are belated and which are pending.


Clear and modern interface

Clear division into wallets, categories and transactions offers you complete control over your added transactions. Modern user interface invites to register expenses and incomes regularly.


Transaction schedule

The program has been elaborated to register not only current transactions but also transactions which require scheduling, such as invoices or credit payments. You can change the settings of a given schedule at any time so as to adapt it to real parameters.


Comfortable browsing and filtering

Comfortable browsing is guaranteed by transaction filters. You can see through transactions that match your criteria at any time. In addition, the category tree allows sorting transactions in order to have a better insight into the budget.


Data synchronization

All the registered data can be sent to iCloud. Thus, you can have access to the transaction base from many devices. It will avoid losing data in case of any failure of the device or its exchange for a new one.


Various statistics and graphs

Adding new transactions is not enough to fully control one’s finances. You need various statistics and graphs, which wholly illustrate your situation in the most intuitive manner. The program was designed for you to have all most important information ready at hand.


Easy communication

Within the aim of increasing the Inspire Finance intuitive character, the interface has been prepared in several languages, such as ​​- English, French, Spanish, German and Polish. New localizations will be added successively.

Presentation of program’s view

Intuitive and friendly interface provides easy operation and motivates you to enter transactions regularly. In order to have a closer look into the layout and functionality, below you can find screenshots of the program.

How to use this program Inspire Finance?

Answers to general issues have been given in case of any difficulties when operating the program. Adding, editing and removing transactions, or other elements to manage the budget easily, have been explained.

How to use this program?

If you have no wallets, the program launches in the simple mode. You just need to provide the name of the wallet in which the transactions will be save and click the 'Start' button. Categories will be automatically assigned to the wallet.

Adding categories

Click the '+' button in the 'Categories' section. Name the category and assign an icon which will be most suitable.

Adding transactions

Click the '+' button in the transactions view. Enter the transaction value. Specify the transaction date and assign the proper category by selecting its icon. Other values are optional.

Schedule creation

In order to create a schedule, it is necessary to have a created transaction. Select it and then click the drop-down menu icon in the edit transaction section. Select the "Create a schedule" button from the menu. The edit schedule view will be opened. Add or remove subsequent values. You can change all parameters randomly. The transaction category is assigned for the entire transaction.

Transfer of credits between wallets

Click the drop-down menu icon in the edit transaction section. Select the 'Credit transfer' button from the menu. Enter the value, select the target wallet of the transferred credit and specify the date.

Balance adjustment

Click the drop-down menu icon in the edit transaction section. Select the 'Balance adjustment' button from the menu. Specify the adjustment value and the date.

Wallet initial balance

Click the wallet twice. Enter the balance value in the 'Initial balance' field and save the changes.

Transfer of a transaction to a different wallet

Select the transaction to be transferred to a different wallet. Click the drop-down menu icon in the edit transaction section. Select the 'Transfer a transaction' button from the menu. Select the target wallet and the target category. In case of transferring a schedule, all of its elements will be transferred.

Expense limits settings

Click the 'Limits' button on the top right side bar. Activate the necessary limits and assign the values. In order to define the limits for specific months or years, click the 'Set limits for specific months/years' button.

Wallet and category removal

Select the wallet or category to be removed. Click the remove (bin) icon. Confirm the operation. In case of removing categories which include transactions, it is necessary to specify a new categories for those transactions. In any other case, the transactions will be removed along with the category.

Transaction removal

Select the transaction and click the bin icon in the edit transaction section. If the transaction has an assigned schedule, you can order the program to remove all transactions linked to the schedule.

Data synchronisation

Click the 'Settings' button on the top right bar. Go to the 'Data' bookmark. Select the synchronisation method. In case of iCloud synchronisation, the function has to be activated in the system. When synchronizing via Dropbox, you must log in via the reminder window and allow access to the program's folder. If you want to download the data from the cloud at first, select the method of synchronization and click the 'Download from the cloud' button prior to saving the changes.

Changing the theme appearance

Click the wallet twice. Select the theme color and save the changes.

Calendar view

Click the 'Calendar' button on the top bar. The calendar view allows for viewing the transactions on a day-to-day basis - 'View' button (eye). After selecting the 'View entire year' option on the top bar, the calendar view will allow for viewing the summary of the months in the given year.

Changing the calendar day sequence

In order to change the calendar's day sequence go to the program's settings and select the first day of the week in the 'Calendar' section.

Event maintenance

Click the 'Events' button on the top bar. The view is divided into belated and pending transactions. If the transaction was executed, mark its activity in the given table.

Navigation in the timeline

In order to change the date of the viewed transactions, it is necessary to use the timeline located in the upper bar. Change the year and month in order to adjust the viewed transactions.

Changing screening order of wallets and categories

You can change the display order of wallets and categories. Just click and press the mouse button, and then drag a given item to another place in the table.

Program access code

Click the 'Settings' button on the right side bar. Select the 'Activate security code' option and provide the 4-digit password. The password will be required after starting the program or after closing the main program window.

Export of transactions to files

Click the icon of the drop-down menu in the edit transaction section. Go to the 'Export to file…' submenu. Select the format in which the data is to be saved.


Due to quality of the update process and presentation the program is available for download only in “'Mac App Store”. Buy the program now and start managing your budget. Learn more about your needs and start saving.

The free version of the program allows you to add 60 transactions. To use Inspire Finance without any limitations, buy its full version.

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